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Great news for i-pad and i-phone users. You can go to the app store directly to download the programs available for your tablet or phone. Use this connection:


Apple iOS. Online Bible app for iPad, iPhone: For information, go to http://cross-link.nl/olb-en

Version 4.32.01 is now in stock. This DVD is written for Windows XP through Windows 8 and contains all the material we currently have available. It also includes the ability to run under Wine on Linux and on a Macintosh running Snow Leopard or higher.

The new DVDs will give you Alexander Scourby reading the Bible (AV) for no extra cost.

Good news - among the not-so-good news! Prices have to be adjusted due to the NZ dollar being much higher in value against the US dollar. Ask me for the latest (upgrade) DVD. Version 4.31. It will cost only $32.00 post paid. New customers: the cost of a new set of The Online Bible program and databases will be $49.90 post paid. If you are a customer and want to purchase an Online Bible for a friend, pastor or anyone, you can purchase an upgrade DVD and a gift package for $79.95.

Good news on the i-phone or i-pad. These instructions will allow you to download an app for your phone or i-pad:

Open Apps store

Search for "The Online Bible" or "Online Bible"

The Online Bible provided by Cross Link Services BV (If you see Larry Pierce's name, that identifies us!)

The report is that this is very stable, but basic. You can get Matthew Henry for NZD1.29!!

Features that are coming are Strongs, TSK, Eastons Dictionary.

Note: No information yet on royalty versions for the i-pad or phone. Sorry.

Some have asked about the TNIV. The NZ Bible Society have said: 

The TNIV was published in 2005 ... produced by some of the people associated with the NIV Committee on ... translation. The aim was yo update some of the language used in the NIV, including language related to gender. Only about 7% of the text is different. ... The TNIV, like the NIV, is a translation that has tried to balance accuracy with readability. The changes mean that it has a little more free wording of passages than the NIV. The NIV has been assesed as having a reading level of Grade 7 - 8 (about ages 11 - 12); the TNIV should be the same.

New Item: Can I suggest that you have a look at this website www.eikonbibleart.com  where there is a large library of Bible stories in PowerPoint format to help the Sunday School teacher tell the story to the children. There are both downloadable and physical products. I have had a brief look and I think many of the Online Bible users would benefit from some of these products.

Macintosh users (Universal edition): If you need, you might go to this web site to help you understand the Macintosh installation: 


Here is an antivirus warning:

The following notice appears as you install upgrades:

Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro Systems, Zone Alarm, Kaspersky or other ativirus programs may prevent The Online Bible from installing correctly. If you encounter problems, reboot the computer in SAFE MODE (press F8 during reboot) and install The Online Bible. After the program is installed, reboot and The Online Bible should work with your antivirus software.

If running Windows 7, 8 or Vista, you should download the free Microsoft Security Essentials and for maximum protection run all programs from a STANDARD USER ACCOUNT. Avoid using an ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT for your normal user account.

Version 4.32.01 of The Online Bible with the Maori New Testament is here. The Online Bible has been completely re-written in Unicode.  If you want the Maori New Testament you will need to upgrade to version 4.31 with a new DVD. This has been released in New Zealand - and you will need to have XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 as your operating system to make it work! You can upgrade to Version 4.32.01 on the web site.

The latest DVD is a Universal model - for MAC, PC and Linux.

We have finished development on the Unicode programming and we have released what will be our only product going forward. The version 4.00 DVD has the same content as the version 3.00 except that the Greek is accented, the Hebrew has vowel points and it gives full support of non Roman fonts such as is used in Chinese, Korean, Russian and Arabic. We have also included the first 350 of Charles Spurgeon's sermons revised and updated for accuracy and readability.

This will only run on Windows XP or newer. If you have an older operating system you will do well with the version 3.0 programming which runs on Windows 98 to XP but cannot be upgraded for newer versions of Windows.

The DVD pack with Getting Started Manual will cost you $49.90 (postage included). 
This pack with unlock codes for NIV, NAS, NLT and NRSV costs $96.00, but you can purchase the basic pack with NIV for $68.00 (this includes a royalty of $18.50 for the NIV). Send me an e-mail for the prices of other combinations of the basic pack and NIV, NAS, NLT, CEV, NRSV, Amplified and other versions.

What is included in the Basic Pack of the Online Bible? Go to the Bible versions tab above for more details of what you get for your $49.90. If you want more information, please e-mail me at the address below or click on the box at top of this screen.

Upgrades. Go to the hyperlink below to upgrade to Version 4.32.01. If you have trouble, go to the US site again and download the Starter Pack. Install this (over your existing version) and you will be in Unicode and Version 4.32.01 should work well.

Please note our e-mail address:


Upgrades to version 4.32.01, click here.

For this version you need a 32-bit processor, at least 16MB RAM and 4MB of hard drive available with Windows 7/8/XP/Vista. The CD files require about 4MB if you use all the unlock files.